OUR MISSION is to improve the lives of clients and their families by providing objective advice and exceptional service.

Seamount Financial Group is an independent, boutique financial planning and wealth management firm. As a fiduciary, we are focused solely on our client’s best interests. Since 1982 we have demonstrated our commitment by fostering impactful relationships with clients, often spanning generations, while enriching the communities that we serve. If you would like more information, please call our office or visit our contact us page.




Your goals and values are unique. Our customized financial planning process is designed to tailor solutions that provide a sturdy framework and confident path forward.


We work alongside you to put your comprehensive plan into action using investment and tax strategies designed with your needs at the core of every step.


Through regular collaboration, we work with you and your legal and tax advisors to measure progress toward your objectives and provide personalized advice to help you stay on track.


Perhaps most importantly, as life changes, so should your financial plan. Whether you are looking to explore a new opportunity or manage an unexpected challenge, it’s important to incorporate new elements into your planning while remaining focused on the long-term goal.